SeaRoad's business acquired and developed since 2007 has under the existing and previous ownerships had a long and successful history in servicing Bass Strait.

The business pedigree has involved previous ownerships by substantial businesses with major interests in the shipping and transport industry servicing multiple aspects of the Australian economy. This is reflected in the following overview of previous ownership and activities.



SeaRoad's origins stem from a family run business established in the 1890s as 'Wm Holyman and Sons'. Over the years, with the various changes in ownership the business expanded its shipping and logistics operations through organic growth as well as a number of significant acquisitions.

In 2006, Toll Holdings Limited's (Toll) takeover of Patrick Corporation Ltd (Patrick), resulted in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) requiring Toll to divest Patrick's Bass Strait operations.

SeaRoad, formed by a group of business owners with strong links to Tasmania and other investors, subsequently acquired the Bass Strait shipping and Tasmanian logistics businesses in March 2007.

The private equity group was led by Chas Kelly and included other transport, freight and logistics operators. The new shareholders recognised the opportunity to operate a cost-effective, standalone Bass Strait shipping and freight forwarding business. The group members firmly positioned the strategy of the new businesses on servicing the needs of the Tasmanian economy given its reliance on shipping for exports and imports.

Through their experience and existing business dealings, the shareholders brought expertise and revenue streams to the business, which have enhanced the growth of profitable operations.

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