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About Us

Mission, Vision and Core Values

  • Our Mission
    We are a shipping and logistics provider committed to service excellence.
  • Our Vision
    We will provide a customer-focused transport solution that is safe, reliable, and efficient.
  • Core Values
    SeaRoad is guided by four core values: courage, safe from harm, integrity, passion.
  • Courage
    Continuous innovation is always a priority, because every improvement impacts our customers for the better. But change demands courage — the courage to stare down uncertainty; push boundaries; chase and ultimately achieve the seemingly impossible. As custodians of the company, it’s a responsibility shared by all SeaRoad team members, and a challenge on which we thrive.
  • Safety
    We value the wellbeing of our customers and their people, just as much as our own. So we take great care to deliver our services in a way that is safe, reliable and environmentally sustainable, and commit ourselves to sharing knowledge and developing systems that support this goal. Because where safety is concerned, there’s no room for compromise.
  • Integrity
    Trust is the cornerstone on which we build strong, mutually successful relationships with our customers. Every SeaRoad team member has a responsibility to communicate openly and with honesty at all times, show empathy and respect, and conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism when dealing with customers and colleagues, alike.
  • Passion
    We are committed to placing the customer at the centre of every decision. Passionate in our pursuit of excellence, we collaborate closely and constantly, leveraging our collective know-how to achieve quality outcomes across all areas of the business. We’re also passionate about giving back, and take every opportunity to support the communities that have supported us for more than 130 years.