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SeaRoad is committed to helping to safeguard and enhance the natural environment and will:

  • Continually improve its business performance and conduct its operations in an environmentally responsible manner, clearly reflecting a commitment to fostering the sustainable use of resources; and
  • Ensure by communication and education that SeaRoad’s environmental attitude, policies and practices are accurately perceived by the public.
SeaRoad will conform to best practice environmental guidelines and will comply with all relevant Environmental Protection Legislation. SeaRoad is committed to:
  •  Minimising the risk of adverse environmental impact in the conduct of its operations through the SeaRoad Environmental Management System
  •  Identifying and managing SeaRoad’s environmental footprint and associated risks and opportunities
  •  Preventing pollution, reducing waste and excess consumption of resources such as materials, fuel and energy
  •  Recycling, as opposed to disposal wherever feasible
  •  Enhancing the education and training of its employees in good environmental practices
  •  Promoting a strong environmental ethic as part of its workplace culture
  •  Sharing environmental experiences and solutions
  •  Involving and communicating with interested parties
  •  Emphasising proactive and preventive practices rather than corrective actions
  •  Regularly monitor and review environmental objectives and targets.