Shipment of Dangerous Goods

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Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC), in consultation with the shipping and export industry, has developed DG Hub to assist in mandatory reporting DG information throughout the supply chain. SeaRoad Shipping has been requested to become part of this system.

SeaRoad Shipping, in turn requires its customers to provide the necessary data in electronic form. This replaces the previous practice of submitting information in hard-copy form using the Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form (AMSA250 form, still referred to as MO41 forms).

The key advantages of DG Hub are:

  • It is a more efficient, consistent and faster method for users to supply their DG data. Instead of hard-copy DG Forms, DG data can be input, stored and passed to other partied electronically;
  • It can assist in streamlining the way users report DG information through the port community;
  • Exporters, packers, transport companies, freight forwarders and shipping lines can create and distribute AMSA250 Multimodal Dangerous Goods Forms and vessel DG manifests using the system;
  • There is no need to store paper DG forms as DG Hub provides an electronic repository of all your own forms.

DG Hub is easy to use for anyone familiar with Multimodal Dangerous Goods Forms and e-mail systems.

Each Form is only visible to parties nominated to view or update it. The Form can be updated with each party adding their own information, such as References and Document numbers, and allows for the Shipper and the Packer to electronically sign the Form. The added information will be immediately available to the other nominated parties.

If you make regular shipments with consistent information in the DG form, such as the product or the Consignee, you can save a template and simply copy it for the next shipment saving data entry time.

DG Hub records the Form as a PDF each time it is sent with details of the recipients, forming a reliable audit trail. Newly arrived Forms are highlighted until they are opened, making it easy to see which forms need attention.

DG Hub is at

More information is available from the home page including a 1 page guide to registering to use the DG Hub. Online Help is available on all pages of the DG Hub site.

PoMC can assist in training of users where required.

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